Maeva Maxch

My objective is to pursue a MBA in the U.S and being able to play tennis at the highest level. I chose to do my Bachelor’s degree in France but was unable to combine my tennis, and so I want to achieve now what I should do 3 years ago when I was -2/6.





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Information on Maeva MAXCH

Academic achievements

School name : Euridis Business School

Graduation year : 2023 (Bacheor’s degree)

Athletic performances

French ranking : 3/6 (was -2/6)

Top 5 Tournament Finishes (2022) : 1/6 and 2/6 (twice)

Height : 5’6 ft

Weight : 143 lb


What makes you different ?

What will set me apart from others is my determination, my motivation to succeed my goals.


Why do you want to compete in college ?

I want to study in the USA so that I can do my passion while continuing my studies and be able to differentiate myself from others for my next work.


College goals ?

My academic goals are to get my diploma and sports are to increase my level, win leaderboards and win championships.


Tennis and Life goals ?

For now my life goals are to successfully go to study in the United States to be accepted into a school and graduate.

I am a very determined person who wants to succeed. I want to improve my ranking, get into an American university and play tennis every day.
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